Boise VAMC 19-006F

Boise, ID

Boise VAMC

Chiller Replacement

For this project our team provided professional services for the subject project to replace air cooled chillers at the Boise VA Medical Center. This contract included investigative services, design narratives/analysis, planning consultations and visits, design work, calculations, preparation of contract drawings and specifications, preparation of cost estimates and other services necessary for the subject project. Design included all site survey, testing, and balancing required to provide a complete design. The purpose of this project was the replacement of Chillers 1 and 2 on the roof of Building 109 with two appropriately sized replacement chillers. Replacement chillers utilized a refrigerant that was now planned to be phased out.  

When calculating the loading on the chillers, a design outside air temperature of 105 degrees was to be used. The chillers were designed to work in 120-degree temperatures. The chillers were be designed with an additional 15% capacity to account for the expectation that heating loads will increase and that the equipment will become less efficient over time. This design included all electrical, structural, roofing, control work, etc. necessary to provide a complete design package. This project required extensive coordination with VA staff and site monitoring. All submittals were completed using AutoCAD and adhered to the VA Boise AutoCAD Standards Manual.