Boise VAMC 19-041F

Boise, ID

Boise VAMC

AHU 10 – B77

This project was for the complete design and replacement of existing Air Handling Unit #10 that serves Bldg.77 at the Boise, Idaho VAMC (BVAMC). Our team provided all design and construction period services including; investigative services, planning consultations and visits, design work, preparation of cost estimates, construction period services, site visits, and all required reports. AHU-10 was removed, and a new similar ERV unit was replaced in the same physical location, at a construction cost of approximately $275,000. The new unit included an adequately sized cooling coil that was then connected to the building’s existing chilled water system. All necessary connections, valves, structure modifications, and accessories were included in the design to provide for a fully functioning system. 

All drawings for this project were completed using AutoCAD and adhered to the VA Boise AutoCAD standards manual supplied by our COR. This project was completed on time and within accordance to the Scope of Work and appropriate VA standards, specifications, and criteria.

Contract Amount: $27K

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