Jonathan M. Wainwright VAMC 18-031

Walla Walla, WA

Jonathan M. Wainwright VAMC

Fire Alarm and Life Safety

This project was for the replacement of the fire alarm and telecommunications infrastructure at the Walla Walla VAMC. Our team provided all design services for the replacement of existing copper network with fiber between nodes in a looped topology and pathways from buildings to existing signal manholes. All existing pathways were evaluated for capacity and replaced on an as needed basis. Fire alarm building NDU’s, pull stations, detectors, flow/tamper switches were replaced to address modules in wet and dry sprinkler protected buildings, wiring and pathways.

In addition to the design work performed on the fire alarm system our team was also responsible for the update of the telecommunications network. For this portion of the project our team replaced the fiber network and pathways from Bldg. 77 to Bldgs. 80, 81, 76, 68, 69, 75, 77, 78 T-1 and T-2 telecom rooms, completing the loop. Copper telephone distribution network cabling was replaced from Bldg. 74 to all other campus buildings with the exception of 140, 143, and 145. 

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