Jonathan M. Wainwright VAMC 18-100F

Walla Walla, WA

Jonathan M. Wainwright VAMC

Arc Flash/Confined Space Study

For this project our team provided all professional services required to survey the Jonathan M. Wainwright Memorial VAMC campus. This encompassed 77 Acres and 47 Buildings, to generate an Arc Flash Hazard Analysis Study per NFPA 70EStandard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace. The arc flash hazard analysis was performed according to the IEEE Standard 1584– 2002, the IEEE Guide for Performing Arc-Flash Calculations. Study conformed to all VA, NFPA, IEEE standards. This study also included short-circuit and protective device coordination studies.

Additionally, it was required that we evaluate the Confined Spaces on the campus and classify them as either ‘Non-Permit Confined Space’ or ‘Permit Confined Space’ in the report and on the CAD drawings. All field data collection was performed by a qualified member of our team to ensure accurate mapping of equipment. Visual inspection verified all equipment ratings, conductor ratings and overcurrent device data by removing panels, covers and doors where required to document the necessary data used in the analysis.

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