Jonathan M. Wainwright VAMC 19-050F

Walla Walla, WA

Jonathan M. Wainwright VAMC

Bldg. 140 & 143

The initial phase of the project involved performing site investigations to evaluate the chilled water system in Building 143, particularly the existing cooling tower, pumps, and chillers. A report documenting the evaluations was generated, including preliminary cost estimates for the recommended system upgrades and a lifecycle cost analysis of the proposed options.

The second phase of the project, which is currently ongoing, involves design of the system upgrades for the Building 143 chilled water system. This will involve replacement of the existing cooling towers and pumps, as well as overhaul of the existing chillers, and modifications to the existing chilled water piping system and the associated controls. The project scope also involves production of cost estimates with each design submittal, as well as detailed project specifications.

GDM’s scope of services for the project also involves providing construction administration services throughout the construction period, including review of contractor product submittals and installed systems, and final inspections prior to the systems being turned over to the VA.

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