Portland VAMC 17-083F

Portland, OR

Portland VAMC

Remodel Neurology

This project was for the design of 1,750 square feet of medical space for the Neurology office at the Portland VA Hospital. The space was shared between Neurology and Purchased Care. Prior to re-design, the Neurology office had no noise barrier between workspaces which resulted in difficulties with patient confidentiality and diminished the patient experience.

The scope of the project was to remodel the space to ensure that the maximum number of providers and nurses could use the space simultaneously. The newly created space will serve as a telemedicine unit for the distribution of health-related services and electronic information.

Upon completion of construction this will result in greater functionality, meeting the needs of the staff, and creating a calming environment for VAMC patients. Additionally, this design made the best use of natural light for the space reducing the electrical demand and carbon impact of this project. The project  design and construction documents have been completed and project is currently in the construction phase.