Renovate Alaska Command HQ

Anchorage, AK

Elmendorf Air Force Base

Renovate Alaskan Command Headquarters

The Alaska Command Headquarters, known as Building 9480, had outlived its useful life. The U.S. Air Forced needed it renovated so communication systems could be improved, and the interior spaces fit the command structure.

Building 9480 was originally designed in 1946 as a medical clinic; however, it was repurposed for office space for military command in Alaska. Renovating this building posed some challenges. Because of when it was built, the structure had building materials that were on the EPA’s Hazardous Materials List – remediation was required. Also, the building was eligible for the National Building Historic Register. Designers had to take care to preserve the building’s definable historic features.

Our team maximized the building’s space by creating open office team areas. These areas had shared conference rooms that were equipped with video conferencing capabilities. This redesign offered flexibility, rapid response to mission changes and fit the organizational structure of the Alaska Command. GDM provided interior space planning and design services as well. For this renovation, the team replaced the floors with modular carpet tiles (85 percent), no-wax rubber (10 percent) and granite tiles (5 percent).

The building required a remodel of several systems including mechanical, electrical, plumbing and communications. This planning included new fiber optic wiring. The renovation allowed for new communication equipment to be added (RELCAN, Red Switch, AASROM/LAK Radio Suite, JWICS, JWICS VTC, DWAN, NIPRNET, SIPRNET, AVTC and cable TV). Renovation allowed the Air Force to add multiple large screen flat panel monitors in the Command Center.

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