Renovation of Dorms 2260, 2266, 2202 and 2204

Fairbanks, AK

Eielson Air Force Base

Renovation of Dorms 2260, 2266, 2202 and 2204

GDM served as the architect, interior designer, and overall design team coordinator for the U.S. Air Force’s project to renovate four dormitories at Eielson Air Force Base.

Renovating these dormitories was broken into two projects – Buildings 2260 and 2666 and Buildings 2202 and 2204. Overall, the Our team planned and replaced vanities, sinks and mirrors in all residential and public restrooms. Designers worked to install new carpeting and trim in all bedrooms. The team had to plan and construct closets with solid care wood in Building 2260. Plans were made to replace basement window. The team planned for new window coverings. Buildings were repainted – inside and out.

The project required the design team make improvements to exterior stairwell. The goal was to ensure the stairwell’s temperature remained above 60 degrees Fahrenheit when the outdoor temperatures are -60 degrees Fahrenheit. To do this, the team modified exterior stairwell insultation, seals, bottom floor windows, doors, and heating to eliminate drafts.

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