Repair and Modernization of USMC Reserve Center

Anchorage, AK

Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson

Repair and Modernization of USMC Reserve Center

The design team was asked to design a plan to address deferred maintenance, replace the roof and modernize the USMC Reserve Center at Joint Base Elmendorf. The work would address maintenance issues, improve use of the building, and improve energy conservation.

Team members designed a 40,000 square foot roof for the reserve center. This roof was a standing seam roof that replaced a metal roof. It helped eliminate exfiltration of heat through openings at the roof deck and wall intersections. The new roof eliminated eave icing and stopped ice climbing by Marines. The new roof was a high r-value roof. Work to the roof included heat tracing at roof eaves, heated gutters, heated down spouts and heated dry wells.

To help address other energy efficiencies, the team planned for perimeter weather gasketing, thresholds and stops at all exterior doors. Interior and exterior hollow metal door frames and hardware were refitted and adjusted.

Team members designed and engineered a solution to correct a defective sewage left station. The team worked to eliminate water on the floor in the second-floor mechanical room, which would run down into the locker room ceiling.

The building needed other improvements. They created a plan to add medical and dental exam rooms. Some rooms were either reconfigured or renovated. A doorway was placed between rooms 122 and 126. Teams designed a plan to convert the exterior wall of a parachute drying tower into a rappelling training tower with an interior 24-foot high climbing wall with padded landing zones.

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