Repair and Replace Fire Doors

Seattle, WA

Puget Sound Health Care System

Replace and Repair Fire Door Survey

The VA Puget Sound Healthcare System tasked GDM to survey the fire doors, frames, and interstitial hatches at both the Seattle and American Lake VA campuses. In addition to the study, the VA wanted a cost magnitude estimate to correct any found deficiencies.

GDM completed a survey of fire doors, frames, and interstitial hatches at both campuses. The work entailed an investigation of more than 900 doors and hatches. As part of the survey, GDM team members created a unique identification system. Each fire door was physically identified and marked with its unique identifier. The markings corresponded with updated drawings of the doors and table within the drawing document.

The site investigations verified and graded each fire door. Team members documented the character, quality, and quantity of surface materials. They had to account for obstacles found during the site inspections.

Through the site investigation and inspection, team members graded fire doors as passing or failing inspection. Team members created a table to chart passing and failing doors. Team members noted which doors failed inspections, explaining why it failed and recommending a plan to correct it.

The GDM team knew their study would be used a planning document to bring fire doors into compliance. As a result, their study included a cost magnitude estimate. Team members also drafted a recommended study approach and provided options based on the buildings and new engineering requirements.

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