VA Hospital American Lake 18-075F

Lakewood, WA

VA Hospital American Lake

Sewer Line Replacement

The project addressed approximately 300 linear feet of sewer line between manhole #70 to building 5 and approximately 200 linear feet of sewer line between manhole #67 to building 7. Our staff provided all professional services required for the renovation or replacement of the sanitary sewer line between manhole #70 to building 5 and from manhole #67 to building 7 at the American Lake Campus of the VA Puget Sound Health Care System, including but not limited to mechanical, electrical, architectural, structural, and civil design. We provided valued engineering project alternatives, with available electronic architectural utility drawings and hard copies of the most pertinent sanitation construction drawings. Design included; site visits for initial design, inspection services, cost analysis, and construction period services. We were responsible for producing a complete set of drawings, design narrative/analysis, calculations, and specifications in accordance with professional standard practices and VA criteria. Additionally, we provided a checklist of all submittals, certifications, tests, and inspections required per drawing and specification section. When life safety was impacted, we designed interim life safety measures as part of the construction documents. Design incorporated a phasing plan to allow continued use of space adjacent to the active construction areas to ensure the least disruptive construction schedule and design the subsequent work accordingly. Project was completed on time and within budget.

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