Willamette National Cemetery 18-078

Happy Valley, OR

Willamette National Cemetery

Pump Replacement Project

This project was for the replacement of a well and pump station at the Willamette National Cemetery in Portland, OR. The water source for Willamette National Cemetery (WNC) are two wells with pump stations and city water with a pump station. All three sources are required to water the cemetery. One pump of three at Well #2 has locked up and the other 2 are tripping breakers. With one pump not working, there is more stress put on the other pumps, which are at the low end of their listed specifications. If the other two pumps stop working, the water source will not be adequate to run the irrigation system resulting in declining and loss of turf. 

For this project we replaced all wires between the controllers and all the pumps. Multiple conductors had bad insulation and were allowing voltage to leak to ground. Continuing use to partially faulted conductors would inevitably lead to short motor life and possibly endanger personnel. Work to replace pumps was performed in a confined space. A pump was used to remove and install the pumps from the reservoir. This repair required entering the reservoir and disconnecting all electrical and plumbing connections to the pumps and removing the old well seals prior to removing the pumps and motors. Project was completed on time and within budget.

  • Replaced 10 HP Sub Turbine Pumpend, Motor, and Seal 
  • Replaced 20 HP Sub Turbine Pumpend, Motor, and Seal 
  • Replaced and Pulled Wire to Booster Pumps
  • Raised Concrete Boxes
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